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Subject Matter Experts Wanted

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OnLine Training, Inc

(OLT) is a one stop, full service online training solutions provider offering courses primarily in the United States and Canada. Our courses are authored by subject matter experts and published by OLT. OLT instructors are very knowledgeable about their subject areas, with years of experience in their fields. Normally, the author of a course serves as the instructor as required. However, instructor requirements may exceed the capabilities of a single person, due to the number of students involved, specific state requirements, or the availability of the author, therefore additional instructors may be needed.

(OLT) is actively looking to expand the number of courses it offers by publishing in existing subject areas and new subject areas. If you are interested in being considered as an author or instructor in one of the following subject areas, or in proposing a new subject area, please, fill out the form below and submit it for consideration. Someone from our headquarters will be in contact as soon as your information has been reviewed and processed.

What kind of courses should you write? In some areas (like Insurance) we offer required pre-licensing courses, then the student takes a State Exam and gets their Insurance license allowing them to sell insurance. Other courses are for continuing education or personal development. We are also very interested in branching out into new fields of study.

With all our courses, the author/instructor is paid like a book author - they get a percentage of actual course sales. There is no upfront salary or payment to you, you get paid a portion of the sales of your course. So it is up to you to choose a course that is in high demand and that will sell (even helping promote/market it is helpful when you can, and we have ways to give you an additional portion of sales for that as well). Some authors only get paid a small amount each month, but our highest paid author/instructor makes a great full-time salary off of her course work!

We are always looking for Subject Matter Experts in the following areas:
  • Pre-Licensing courses
  • Pre- Licensing Exam Prep courses
  • Continuing Education courses

    Real Estate
  • Appraiser
  • Sales Person
  • Broker

  • Other Courses
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Development and Self-Help
  • Certification Preparation courses
  • Study Skills
  • GED (updaters and instructors wanted)
  • And any other course subjects proposed by Authors


Please fill out the following information as completely as possible.
Required information has an *.

Classroom only 
Online only


3 or more online classes
Less then 3 online classes
No online classes



For the following fields, type N/A to leave them blank.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Main Office for Online Training

OLT Main Office

2669 Forest Hill Blvd., Suite 207
West Palm Beach, Fl 33406-5953

Voice: 561-283-0333
Fax: 561-357-4957

Admin: admin@oltraining.com
Registrar: register@oltraining.com

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OLT Main Headquarters
OnLine Training, Inc.
2669 Forest Hill Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33406
Toll free 866-357-0841
(Local 561-283-0333)


Discount Bundles

Get an insurance pre-licensing course bundled with a study aid course at a special discounted price!

Property and Casualty - Bundle 1
2-20 Pre-licensing & Pass Prep courses
Property and Casualty - Bundle 2
2-20 Pre-licensing & Practice Exam Generator courses
Property and Casualty - Bundle 3
2-20 Pre-licensing, Pass Prep, and Practice Exam Generator courses
Health and Life - Bundle 1
2-15 Pre-licensing & Pass Prep Courses
Health and Life - Bundle 2
2-15 Pre-licensing & Practice Exam Generator courses
Health and Life - Bundle 3
2-15 Pre-licensing, Pass Prep, and Practice Exam Generator courses


New Discounted CE
Complete Packages!

Florida Property and Casualty Agents (2-20 or 20-44) may now get their entire 24 hours of required CE, including the 2-20 Law & Ethics Update, for the price of one course! Click here for details on this limited time offer!

Florida Customer Service Agents (4-40) may now get their entire 10 hours of required CE, including the 2-20 Law & Ethics Update, for the price of one course! Click here for details on this limited time offer!


Sale for Returning Students

Did you know we have a Returning Student Course Discount!

If you are a current student, look at the end of your course (bottom of the home/welcome screen) for a link to a page with a special coupon code worth approximately 25% off your next single course with OLT! It can be CE, passprep or even another pre-licensing course! (The link will become available after you pass the Final Exam). Note: you may only use that coupon code once.


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