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Insurance PassPrep & Practice (Non-Certificate) Courses
Course ID Course Title Available
INS001 Life, Health and Variable Annuity PassPrep Course Buy Now
INS004 Life, Health and Variable Annuity Tutorial Buy Now
PE001 Life, Health and Variable Annuity Practice Exam Buy Now
PE002 Life, Health & Variable Annuity Practice Exam Plus Buy Now
INS002 Property and Casualty Review/PassPrep Course Buy Now
INS017 Property & Casualty Tutorial Buy Now

Insurance Continuing Education Courses

Currently not available! If you are interested in writing Continuing Ed courses for OLT click here!

Real Estate Courses
Course ID Course Title Available
RE001 Real Estate Appraiser PassPrep Course Buy Now

Self Help (Personal Development) Courses
Course ID Course Title Available
BI001 Managing the Social Security Maze Buy Now
SH001 The 5 Love Languages Buy Now
SH002 The 5 Love Languages - Mini Course Buy Now
SH003 The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Buy Now

Course ID Course Title Available Nationwide & in Canada
BE001 GED - Writing Skills Course To learn more click here
BE002 GED - Mathematics Course
BE003 GED - Science
BE004 GED - Interpreting Literature and the Arts
BE005 GED - Social Studies

Continuing Professional Education Courses
Course ID Course Title Available
CP001 What We Say Before We Speak - Intro to Networking Buy Now
CP002 Introduction to Laying the Relationship-Building Foundation - 3 hours Buy Now
CP003 To Catch Trout, Don't Fish in a Catfish Pond (Target Your Market and Set Goals - Before the Event) - 2 hours Buy Now
CP004 Create Powerful Verbal and Printed Business Cards and Know How to Use Them Effectively (Before the Event) - 2 hours Buy Now
CP005 Work an Event with Ease (At the Event) - 2 hours Buy Now
CP006 Follow Up Is Golden (After the Event) - 2 hours Buy Now
CP002-6 Special Price - Building Relationships for Business and Career Success - 5-Part Series - 11 hours Buy Now

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