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What is the Grade Submittal Form?
Last Updated about a month ago

We used to call this just the Grade Submittal Form.
Now The "Course completion affidavit and Grade Submittal Form" is used in our insurance courses. It is the final step required to complete your course.

When you click on the link in your course you will be taken to a page with instructions and a form to complete. Much of the form will already be pre-filled. You should check the pre-filled blanks for accuracy, and fill in the rest.

Students will not receive their Certificate of Completion for Certificate, Designation, or Continuing Education Course until OLT has received the Grade Submittal Form. The Grade Submittal Form informs us that you have completed the course and are satisfied with the grades that you have received on your quizzes and exams. Once we receive OLT’s compliance staff will send your Final Grade to your college or the state so that you can receive your Certificate of Completion. Up to that point you can retake your quizzes as many times as you would like to improve your Final Grade. After we receive your Grade Submittal Form you will still be able to retake your quizzes as a study aide, without it affecting your grade.

If you require more assistance please call our office between 8:00am and 5:00PM EST toll free at 866-357-0841 (Local 561-283-0333) or Open a New Ticket to send us a support request.

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