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Grade Submittal and Course Completion Certificate (Insurance Licensing and Designation)
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To pass this course, you must have passed each Unit with a grade of 70% or better and the Final Exam with a grade of 70% or better. Once you send in your Grade Submittal Form, no changes may be made to your grades.

When you are ready to submit your Unit and final exam grades for scoring, fill out the Course Completion Affidavit. 

Most of it will be pre-filled with information from your Profile.

When you do so, OnLine Training will then report your completion to the Florida Department of Financial Services and issue to you your Certificate of Completion and send it by email within 30 days. 

If you require more assistance, please call our office between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm EST toll-free at 866-357-0841 (Local 561-283-0333) or Open a New Ticket to send us a support request.

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