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Real Estate Pre License course questions
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Here are the answers to some common Real Estate PreLicensing course questions.

Do I have to pass each chapter before being able to do the final exam?

Yes, the course is set up where you have to complete each activity, in order, throughout the course. Lessons must be completed before attempting that unit's quiz, but are not graded per say. They may show a grade for your benefit only, to help you know how you did. But the key to this course is knowing the material in the lessons well! Take and retake the lessons until you know it! In our Real Estate courses you are required to pass unit quizzes with an 80% score to move on in the course, but go for 90%!

Also, is it true that if I fail the final exam twice ill have to re-do the entire course?

Yes, the State is the one that actually requires students to repurchase and retake the entire course should you fail the second attempt at the final. The course asks you lots of questions on the lesson content, and you can take lessons and unit quizzes as many times as you want to raise your grade if need be. The course is designed so that if you strive for a 90% on everything in the course, by the time you get to the final exam you should be well prepared. You can also contact the course author/instructor by email at any time you have questions on the content in this course.

There is a mandatory 30-day wait period before the first attempt at the final should you fail it after which the course will allow you to access the second version of the final exam. This delay is designed to give you time for further study if you didn't pass the Final the first time.

Am I able to review my quizzes and get feedback about right and wrong answers?

  • After finishing each Unit Quiz and clicking on Finish Attempt/Submit all and finish, you will be shown which unit quiz questions you got right and wrong and what the right answers are. Use this review to study well and retake each Unit Quiz until your score is at least a 90%, and you should do well on the Final Exam and State Exam.
  • Example feedback available only in Unit Quizzes :
    • Wrong answer image
    • Correct answer image

But the FINAL EXAM does NOT give you this feedback and review, so it is important to do your prep work from the beginning. Study hard on each lesson, if you don't get a good grade on the unit quiz, go back and study each lesson in that unit again before retrying that unit quiz.
You can retake lessons and quizzes as many times as desired
, until you get the grade you want on each quiz. (But remember, the State only requires your Final Exam grade to be a 70% in order to have "successfully" completed the course. We suggest being better prepared for the State Exam than that, by aiming for 90% on as much as you can in the course. Remember, you have 6 months to complete the course, and can purchase three one-month extensions if needed, so take advantage of the time to study!)

I hope that answers your questions, and I hope we will see you soon in the course!

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