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Browser Troubleshooting
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Browser Troubleshooting

1. Check supported browser versions.

Check to see if your problem is related to known issues with your browser version.

Browser Versions

For security reasons, we recommend updating browsers to the most recent version for your operating system.

Recommended browsers and versions

We recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Safari for the best Moodle experience.

Moodle may also operate on other browsers, but with qualifications.

2. Clear your browser's cache.

Clearing your browser's cache may help to resolve problems such as trouble viewing the grade book, or problems with your session. See Clear Your Bowser's Cache.

3. Try a different browser and/or move to a different computer.

You may find it helpful to have more than one browser installed on your computer. If you run into problems using Moodle, moving to another browser may resolve your issues. You can also try moving to a different computer to see if the problem persists. This may help to discern whether your issue was a problem with your browser or computer, or with Moodle.

4. Still having problems?

If the issue persists in several browsers, and on different computers, please report your problem to the Help Desk for assistance. (Create a ticket)

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