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What do I do if I didn't renew my Florida Insurance License?
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Alex asked us this question in June 2019:
Many years ago I had a P&C license. Did not renew.
Any way I can get it back with least effort?

The short answer is:
If someone doesn't complete their CE they will lose their appointment, it appears they get their appointment back by completing the required CE.  If they are not appointed for 48 months then they have to start from the beginning to be licensed again.

From on June 20, 2019
Insurance agent and adjuster licenses are perpetual (no renewal required), provided that the licensee is properly appointed. The license will expire if it goes 48 months without an appointment. Failure to complete continuing education requirements may result in cancellation of an appointment that could lead to expiration of the license.

626.431 Effect of expiration of license and appointment.—
(1) Upon the expiration of any person’s appointment, as provided in s. 626.381, the person shall be without any authority conferred by the appointment and shall not engage or attempt to engage in any activity requiring an appointment.
(2) When a licensee’s last appointment for a particular class of insurance has been terminated or not renewed, the department must notify the licensee that his or her eligibility for appointment as such an appointee will expire unless he or she is appointed prior to expiration of the 48-month period referred to in subsection (3).
(3) An individual who fails to maintain an appointment with an appointing entity writing the class of business listed on his or her license during any 48-month period shall not be granted an appointment for that class of insurance until he or she qualifies as a first-time applicant.

626.2815 Continuing education requirements. (9)The department may immediately terminate or refuse to renew the appointment of an agent or adjuster who has been notified by the department that his or her continuing education requirements have not been certified, unless the agent or adjuster has been granted an extension or waiver by the department. The department may not issue a new appointment of the same or similar type to a licensee who was denied a renewal appointment for failing to complete continuing education as required until the licensee completes his or her continuing education requirement.

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