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How long does it take for my Certificate of Completion to reach me?
Last Updated 8 months ago

Under normal conditions it takes no more than fifteen (15) business days to receive your Certificate of Completion via email. The state allows the provider 21 days to report your course completion and up to 30 days to send you your Certificate of Completion via email.

While you are waiting for your certificate there are a few things you can do.

  • -If you haven't already, complete and submit your Grade Submittal Form so that your completion is recognized and processed.
  • -If you haven't already done so, put the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, or your entire license number in your profile online.  At the bottom of most courses, you will find directions on how to do so, and you can then click a link and download a pdf copy of your Certificate of Completion with no wait.
  • --Florida OLT Students: If you registered directly with OLT, within 10-15 business days of us receiving your Grade Submittal Form, we will check to see whether you were issued an automated certificate of completion, and if not we will work to create one, as well as reporting your completion to the state where needed.
  • --Non Florida Students: OnLine Training receives your completion request and follows procedures specific to your states' regulations.
  • --In the meantime you can make an appointment for the state exam (if your course requires a state exam) and get fingerprinted.
    • ---Click here to schedule your Florida State Licensing Exam with PearsonVue
    • ---Click here to schedule your Department of Financial Services Fingerprinting

  • --You can continue to study the lessons and quizzes and textbook to prepare for the state exam (if needed)
  • --You can purchase a Pass Prep or Practice Exam course to help you study and identify weak areas in your preparation.
  • --Florida Students click here to begin the licensing process with the Florida Department of Financial Services.

  • --If you require more assistance please call our office between 8:00am and 5:00PM EST toll free at 866-357-0841 (Local 561-283-0333) or Open a New Ticket to send us a support request.

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