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    Demo Florida Property & Casualty Course
    (completely online including final exam)

    Many people are interested in obtaining a General Lines Agent Insurance License but are working full time and cannot arrange their lives to sit in a classroom for 200 hours. This Course was designed with these busy, self-motivated individuals in mind.

    The study process is simple. You should be able to complete the course in six months. If you enrolled through a Florida college, your college may have set a different requirement for finishing the course. At the end of each unit, you will be given a multiple-choice quiz. Our experience indicates you should strive for a 90% grade on each of the Unit quizzes. However, 70% or higher is the required passing grade for each of the Unit quizzes. The 90% grade average will help ensure that you pass the Final Exam at the end of the course. You can take the Unit quizzes as many times as you need to in order to achieve this score.

    You need to complete all the lessons in a unit before you can take the unit quiz. You need to complete all the unit quizzes before attempting the final exam. Lessons do not count toward your final course grade (but must be completed). The unit quizzes averaged together count for 50% of your course grade, the final exam counts for the other 50%. You need a score of 70% or better on each quiz, final exam, as well as the course average to successfully complete the course (OLT's requirements). However, it is your Final Exam score that we report to the State and place on your Certificate of Completion, per State requirements.

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    Jan BradburnShould you ever have questions about the content of the course, you may email your instructor: Jan Bradburn at

    Click on your instructor's name to email her from within Moodle (have popups turned on) also add her as a contact in your Messages Block.

    Should you have any technical issues or questions, please email us at, or call OnLine Training toll-free at 866-357-0841.

    Important Note: By taking this online course, you acknowledge that you are required to answer all questions unassisted by any person, course material or other aides. You further acknowledge that a violation of this shall result in the loss of course credit and administrative sanction by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

    In order to pass the State Exam, you must take the test seriously and you must study the entire Florida Manual. Once all the requirements of this course have been fulfilled, each student will receive their Certificate of Completion. You must complete your licensing application before you can sit for the State Exam. 

    Click here to apply for your license with the Florida Department of Financial Services.

    How To Use This Course

    This course is designed to assist each student in becoming thoroughly familiar with the information contained in the Florida General Lines Agent Study Manual so that they may be prepared for the Florida State Licensing Exam. This course is to be used in conjunction with the Florida Manual.

    This course is divided into 17 units. Each of the course units corresponds to a chapter in the Florida Manual. At the beginning of each unit, the student is given the necessary pages to be read in the Florida Manual.

    The course also contains additional information to help you understand the material in the Florida Manual.

    Each online unit contains:

    Unit overview: A brief statement about the unit's content and importance.

    Questions: Key areas you need to understand from the reading assignment.

    Quiz: An exam that assesses the student's grasp of the subject matter in the unit.

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    * There is a quiz after the lessons in each unit. Quizzes appear once you have completed the associated lessons, until then they are invisible.

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    Quiz: An exam that assesses the student's grasp of the subject matter in the unit.

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