Florida 40hr (4-40) Registered Customer Service Representative Designation Course
(completely online including final exam)
by Jan Bradburn


Course Information
Course Title: Florida 40hr (4-40) Registered Customer Service Representative Designation Course
Course Number: INS005FL40
Course Description: The 40-hour "completely online" Registered Customer Service Representative pre-licensing course is designed to meet the requirements set forth by the Florida Department of Financial Services for the Registered Customer Service Representative. Successful completion of this course leads to a 4-40 RCSR license.

This course is designed to be completed at your own pace, via the internet. The course consists of ten units. Each unit is graded separately. There is also a final exam at the end of the course. The unit exams combined together are worth 50% of your final grade and the final exam comprises the other 50%. In order to pass the course, you must achieve a final average grade of at least 70%. After passing the course, a Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you from the college. Successful passing of this course exempts you from the state exam.

The Registered Customer Service Representative Designation course is comprised of the following ten units: Unit One addresses Insurance Concepts and the Insurance Contract. Unit Two explores Ethics, Office Management and Customer Relations. Unit Three discusses Personal and Business Automobile Insurance. Unit Four covers Residential Property Insurance, Personal Article Floaters, Flood Insurance and Excess Policies. Unit Five includes Commercial Property Insurance. Unit Six covers Casualty/Liability Insurance and the Commercial General Policy. Unit Seven includes Workers Compensation, Crime and Surety Bonds. Unit Eight contains Inland and Ocean Marine. Unit Nine addresses Health Insurance and Residual Markets, and Unit Ten deals with Florida Statutes.
Location: Online
Available: 24/7
Course Length: 90 days with one thirty-day extension at no additional cost. Fees will apply for additional extensions. (If you signed up through a Florida college, the college may have their own policy regarding course extensions.)
Pre-Requisites: To review the 4-40 state requirements, please click here
To purchase the Current Edition of the Florida General Line Agent and Customer Representative Manual,
please click here
Course Goals
The goal of the online Registered Customer Service Representative course is for the learner to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Insurance Industry and selling and servicing of insurance policies so they can successfully complete the course and obtain the Registered Customer Service Representative designation.
Course Outcome
The student will pass the final exam with a score of 70% or higher. This course results in an exemption from the state licensing exam and has been approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services.
Author Biography

Jan Bradburn has developed curriculum and taught classes at private schools in Florida for 15 years before moving into the insurance industry. She taught pre-licensing in the classroom for several years before moving into the virtual classroom at OnLine Training. She holds a 2-20 General Lines Agent Insurance license and is currently employed as a Training Manager for a major P&C insurer.

Course Outline
69B-211.320 Curriculum Standards for Special Designation - RCSR

Topic Online Course Hours
At least 26 hours in:
1. Automobile Insurance
Personal Auto Unit 3 2
Business Auto Policy Unit 3 1
Garage Insurance Unit 3 .5
Florida Auto Laws (Financial Responsibility and No Fault) Unit 3 2
2. General Liability
General Liability Insurance Unit 6 2
3. Property Insurance
Personal Insurance Coverage Unit 4 1
Commercial Property Insurance Unit 5 2
Flood Insurance Unit 4 .5
4. Package Policies
Homeowners Insurance Unit 4 1
Commercial Package Policies Unit 5 2
5. Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation Unit 7 2
6. Crime
Crime General Provisions Unit 7 1
Crime Plans Coverage Forms (A-G) Unit 7 1
7. Surety Bonds
Surety Insurance Unit 7 1
8. Marine
Inland Marine (Personal) Unit 8 1
Inland Marine (Commercial) Unit 8 1
9. Health
Health Insurance Unit 9 1
Disability Insurance Unit 9 1
Medicare Supplement Unit 9 1
10. Residual Markets
FAJUA Unit 9 .25
WCJUA Unit 9 .25
FWJUA Unit 9 .25
FRPCJUA Unit 9 .25
11. Agent Licensing Requirements
Agent Responsibilities Unit 10 .25
Change of Address Unit 10 .25
Continuing Education Unit 10 .25
License Renewal Unit 10 .25
12. Basic Florida Insurance Principals, Concepts and Laws
Insurance Terms and Concepts Unit 1 3
At least 8 hours in:
Ethics Unit 2 3
Office Management Unit 2 3
Customer Relations Unit 2 2
Additional Hours
10 Unit Quizzes 30 minutes each 4
Final Exam 2 hours 2
Total Hours - 40

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