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Become a Reseller, Offer Courses to Your Employees, or Submit Referrals

In Florida, OLT courses are available through the FL Community Colleges, other resellers, and also directly through OLT.

We have three ways to earn income or save your company money:

Becoming a Reseller-
After partnering with OnLine Training, Business Resellers work with an OLT webmaster to set up a website similar to this at the OLT site at no additional charge. The webpage we create for your business tracks your enrollments. Each reseller can customize their own reselling efforts - selling OLT's courses - or selling the courses as a supplement to their own course offering. OLT provides material about the courses online at the OLT website.
Complete the reseller registration/ order form. If approved to be a reseller, your business will be placed in our system and we will contact you to establish the level of reselling you want to do. We will then send you a reseller agreement for your review, approval, and signature.

Delivering to Employees-
If your company licenses many agents a year, it may be worth time and money to set up an account with OLT to provide your agents with OLT Courses at a discount. We have also found that some companies like to have OLT courses available for resale to agents outside of their company. To find out how you can include your employees in OLT courses contact us for more information by clicking here.

Providing Referrals-
By provinding referrals to OLT you can get up to $50.00 for each student who enrolls in a pre-licensing course. Click here to see and/or submit a referral form.


Students who take OnLine Training's Insurance Courses typically are among the highest pass rate when they take the state-delivered licensing exam. 

You can offer OLT's online courses to your students/employees through the OLT Business Discount Program. Your business can join the growing network of companies that are offering OLT's unique courses to their employees.

OnLine Training offers Pre-Licensing, Exam Prep (which we call PassPrep), and Continuing Education courses. OLT courses also boast higher scores in the courses compared to courses taken in a classroom or college setting. For more information click here.

OnLine Training currently has approved Pre-Licensing Courses available in FL, MD and PA. A "Life, Health and Variable Annuites" Tutorial course is available for All States.
Our Continuing Education Courses are currently being offered in CO, GA, FL, IA, MD, NC, OH, OR, SC and TX.

Consider these important points:
  • Insurance Training Companies have to pay instructors and typically need 10 students to break even and 30 students for a training course to be great. With OLT courses only two students are needed to break even, and you have realized a profit if you have 5 students.

  • Students lead busy lives and it is inconvenient for them to have to schedule time to drive to and take a course. There are external costs for a student to take the Pre-licensing course in the classroom like food and gas, but with a student taking an online course their classroom is just a click of the mouse away.

  • The online course is an effective way to have a private tutor guide the student through the course work and lock necessary information in their memory. The course will go at the individual student's pace allowing them to retain the most knowledge.

  • Students are able to study when they want, and from where they want - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 52 weeks out of the year.

  • OnLine Training provides the technical assistance to students, so you do not have to be a computer whiz to resell our courses.

To contact us for more information-
Email us:
Mail us:
OnLine Training, Inc.
Post Office Box 3303
Palm Beach, FL 33480

or Call us:
Phone Number: (561) 283-0333
FAX Number: (561) 357-4957

Updated: December 6, 2011 by R. Durr

Week-long Sale

This week only, July 24-31, all Maryland CE and Pre-licensing courses are on sale for 25% off! Use the Coupon Code MD25 in your shopping cart to obtain the special discounted price July 24 - 31!

Click here for a list of other current Sales, Discounts and Promotions


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