OnLine Training's Practice OnLine GED Examination
The GED Tests measure knowledge in five different areas: writing, social studies, science, interpreting literature and the arts, and mathematics. An important feature of the GED Tests is an essay that documents your ability to write and communicate effectively.
The GED Tests usually requires some preparation on your part. About one-third of graduating high school seniors don't pass the tests under current score requirements. This is how passing scores for the GED Tests are set: each spring, the tests are administered to a sample group of graduating, high schools seniors. To pass, you must perform as well as or better than 67 percent of those seniors.

General Science
The General Science test consists of items encompassing both physical and biological sciences.


Water is an example of a (D. is the correct answer)

         A. crystal.
         B. solid.
         C. gas.
         D. liquid.

Now, try the following sample questions on your own:

    1. An eclipse of the sun throws the shadow of the

       A. moon on the sun.
       B. moon on the earth.
       C. earth on the sun.
       D. earth on the moon.

    2. Substances which hasten chemical reaction time without themselves undergoing changes are called

       A. buffers.
       B. colloids.
       C. reducers.
       D. catalysts.

Writing Skills-

Word Knowledge
The Word Knowledge test is designed to measure your understanding of the meanings of words. The test consists of 35 underlined words. From the four choices, select the word or phrase meaning most nearly the same as the underlined word.


      Small most nearly means (D. is the correct answer)

         A. sturdy.
         B. round.
         C. cheap.
         D. little.

Now, try the following sample questions on your own:

    1. The wind is variable today.

       A. mild.
       B. steady.
       C. shifting.
       D. chilling.

    2. Rudiments most nearly means

       A. politics.
       B. minute details.
       C. promotion opportunities.
       D. basic methods and procedures.

Paragraph Comprehension
The Paragraph Comprehension test consists of 15 items measuring ability to obtain information from written passages. In this section, you will find one or more paragraphs of reading material followed by incomplete statements or questions. Read each paragraph and select one of the lettered choices that best completes the statement or answers the question.


      From a building designer's standpoint, three things that make a home livable are the client, the building site, and the amount of money the client has to spend. According to this statement, to make a home livable (C. is the correct answer)

         A. the prospective piece of land makes little difference.
         B. it can be built on any piece of land.
         C. design must fit the owner's income and site.
         D. the design must fit the owner's income.

Now, try the following sample questions on your own:

    1. Twenty-five percent of all household burglaries can be attributed to unlocked windows or doors. Crime is the result of opportunity plus desire. To prevent crime, it is each individual's responsibility to

       A. provide the desire.
       B. provide the opportunity.
       C. prevent the desire.
       D. prevent the opportunity.

    2. In certain areas, water is so scarce that every attempt is made to conserve it. For instance, on an oasis in the Sahara Desert the amount of water necessary for each date palm has been carefully determined. How much water is each tree given?

       A. No water at all.
       B. Water on alternate days.
       C. Exactly the amount required.
       D. Water only if it is healthy.

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