Maryland - Post-Retirement Planning for Seniors (INSCE031)

Maryland - Post-Retirement Planning for Seniors (INSCE031)
Maryland - Post-Retirement Planning for Seniors (INSCE031)
Instructor: Hartmann, Larry
ID number: INSCE031
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Most retirees can expect to live well beyond age 65. Realistic financial planning assumes that our clients will live a long, healthy and active life. This course is not about saving for retirement, however. It’s about ways the financial professional can help seniors successfully manage their finances during retirement. Just as preretirement planning is most valuable when the right strategies are used, so too is postretirement planning.

Post-retirement planning considers everything from the availability of  employer-sponsored pensions, Social Security and personal savings to protecting income from inflation, medical care and long-term care.

The financial professional must conscientiously listen to their clients concerns, combine these concerns with the facts of their situation and design a unique financial plan that meets their needs. This course provides the financial professional with the essential knowledge to accomplish this as well as the questions to ask in assisting seniors find the best approaches to preserving and distributing their accumulated assets. 

Your course contains Lessons, Quizzes and a Final Exam. Lessons are not graded, the grade shown is for your information only.  There is one Quiz per Unit. Quizzes combined together are worth 50% of your final grade, and the Final is also 50% of your grade. You must have at least a 70% score on all quizzes and the final exam to pass the course. We encourage you to attempt the quizzes as many times as you wish. Your highest score will be used. 

Course Provider: OnLine Training Institute
Maryland Provider # 208210
Course Approval # 102564

Provider Info
Provider Name OnLine Training Institute
Provider # 208210
Course Approval # 208210
Course Info
Satisfies State Requirements Maryland
License Type Life/Health
Course Length 5 hours
Enrollment Length 30 days
Extension Availability Yes, a 30-day extension, for a $25.00 charge, may be requested a maximum of three times and should be requested BEFORE the course expires.
Author/Instructor Larry Hartmann

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