Work an Event with Ease (At the Event)

Work an Event with Ease (At the Event)
Work an Event with Ease (At the Event)
Instructor: Bjorseth, Lillian D.
ID number: CP005
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You can do your homework, yet nothing can simulate actually working an event. This is when reality hits, and you have the face-to-face opportunity to build or strengthen relationships that will help increase your sales or get you the job or promotion you want … or to miss the chance because you don’t know networking etiquette or didn’t engage in meaningful conversations that made you memorable. There’s so much more to working an event than just showing up. This course details what to do from start to finish, giving you the framework to adapt to your style so you can succeed much more easily.

Prerequisite(s): While not absolutely necessary, it will be helpful for you to have taken CP002 (“Laying the Relationship-Building Foundation”), CP003 (“To Catch Trout, Don’t Fish in a Catfish Pond”), and CP004 (“Create Effective, Powerful Verbal and Printed Business Cards and Know How to Use Them Effectively”) in the five-part “Building Relationships for Business and Career Success” series.

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