OnLine Training begins new series of Self-Help courses

OnLine Training Institute (OLT) is pleased to announce a series of new Personal Development courses based on New York Times Bestsellers and other self-help books that may be of interest to you. You should purchase the book (available in our bookstore or from your favorite source) and read it along with our course for maximum benefit. Just as a college class often teaches from one main textbook, these online courses teaches from one text. We encourage you to buy the book before beginning the course. We hope this series will be of interest and of help in your personal life. We would like to expand this series, and encourage other aspiring course authors to enrol in one of these courses and then try their hand at writing a course.

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Current Courses


The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman

"How do we meet each other's deep emotional need to feel loved? If we can learn that and choose to do it, then the love we share will be exciting beyond anything we ever felt when we were infatuated." - Dr. Gary Chapman

This course is based upon the New York Times bestseller, The 5 Love Languages, by Dr. Gary Chapman. Dr. Chapman's international bestseller has brought back or intensified the love in millions of marriages by revealing the five distinct languages we all use to express love:

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Quality Time
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Physical Touch

Couples who understand each other's love language hold a priceless advantage in the quest for love that lasts a lifetime - they know how to effectively and consistently make each other feel truly and deeply loved.

We have two versions of the course, one that covers the entire book, and a shorter one that covers the middle six chapters of the book, which focuses on the five languages and helps you discover your primary love language.

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The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Battling excess weight can be one of the most frustrating things you do. A whole industry has grown up with fad diets, rigorous exercise regimens, magic weight loss pills, yet Americans still grow larger year after year. About 95% of people who lose weight on a diet gain it back in three to five years.

Truly losing weight and keeping it off requires a lifestyle change. With this ten-day cleanse, you are going to retrain your taste buds to desire and crave healthier foods so you never have to think about dieting again.

This course is based upon the New York Times Bestseller, The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, by J.J. Smith. J.J. received several certifications - one as a certified nutritionist and another as a certified weight-management expert. She received her certification as Nutritionist from the International Institute of Holistic Healing, and received her certification as a Weight-Management Specialist from the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA). She is also a member of the American Nutrition Association (ANA).

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