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Managing the Social Security Maze – BI001. Avoid mistakes in applying for Social Security that could cost you up to $1,200 a month, or as much as $200,000 by age 85. [ more info ]

Building Relationships for Business and Career Success – CP002 thru CP006. 5-Part series in Professional Development. [ more info ]

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Life, Health & Annuity Tutorial INS004.

This Tutorial is designed to teach the material required for entry into the Life and Health Insurance Profession and acts as a preparation tool for a person ready to take their state\'s exam. 

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Life, Health & Annuity Pass Prep INS001.

This course continues after a Tutorial or Prelicensing course to prepare the student for their state licensing exam by using over a thousand screens of question and answer format to drill the student in the knowledge tested by the state exam.

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Life, Health & V.A. Practice Exam Generator PE001.

Life, Health & Variable Annuity Practice Exam Generator  -This course is an ideal way to evaluate your level of knowledge prior to taking the actual state insurance agent exam.

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Student\'s have 30-days access to the course

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Life, Health & V.A. Practice Exam Plus PE002.

Life, Health & Variable Annuities Practice Exam Plus - Practice for your state exam.  Evaluate your knowledge, use of terms, and gain confidence in your ability to pass the state exam on the first try! Includes unlimited practice exams.

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Student\'s have 60-days access to the course.

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P & C Pass Prep Course INS002.

Property & Casualty Pass Prep Course - This course prepares the student for the state Property & Casualty licensing exam by using a question and answer format.

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INS017 - Property & Casualty General Lines Tutorial Course INS017. Tutorial Course for Property & Casualty/General Lines!   Immediate Access
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Network with professionals in your field. NAIFA’s vast array of member benefits help you gain access to expert knowledge and skills, and provides value-added business services, abundant networking and mentoring opportunities, when, where, and how you need them, at every stage in your career. To find out more about NAIFA, click here.

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Sorry, Continuing Education is not currently available for your location. If you are a CE provider or author, please contact us at our telephone number at the bottom of this page.

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RE Appraiser PassPrep/Cram Course RE001.

Real Estate Appraiser PassPrep/Cram Course - This Florida Real Estate Appraiser non-certificate, review course is designed to help a candidate prepare for their state\'s licensing examination (it is not approved to fulfill a state\'s \"Pre-Licensing Requirement\") by using a question and answer format.

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Building a Professional Image CP001. What you say before you speak - your appearance and behavior - begins any personal encounter in the business world. Before a word is spoken a professional image is set and can mean success or failure.
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Building Business Relationships Series CP002-6. Building Relationships For Business and Career Success Series - Purchase all five courses at one time and save 25%:
CP002 - Introduction  to Relationship Building
CP003 -Targeting Your Market
CP004 - Effective Business Cards
CP005 - Work an Event with Ease
CP006 - Optimizing Follow Up
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Introduction  to Relationship Building
CP002. Introduction to Laying the Relationship-Building Foundation - Building relationships is your key to controlling your career, your business and your destiny from your first job until you retire.
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Targeting Your Market CP003. To Catch Trout, Don\'t Fish in a Catfish Pond (Target Your Market and Set Goals - Before the Event) - Learn how to achieve maximum results from your networking efforts by targeting your market and setting goals.
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Effective Business Cards CP004. Business cards are verbal as well as printed. Before the event prepare your initial words for a first face-to-face interchange that is inspiring, informative, and intriguing and leave a card that does the same.
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Work an Event with Ease CP005. Work an Event with Ease (At the Event) - You can do your homework, yet nothing can simulate actually working an event.  You need to become familiar with the ins and outs of the event and the best ways to work it.
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Follow Up is Golden (After the Event) CP006. Follow Up is Golden (After the Event) - You went to the event, made some great contacts and now you need to follow up!  This course gives instructions on the follow up, a crucial part of networking.
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Getting the Most Out of Social Security BI001. Social Security payments by $1,800 a month, $20,000 a year, or over $200,000 by age 85.

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GED GED. Prepare for your GED tests by measuring your knowledge and academic skills against those of today's traditional high school graduates. [ more info ] • [ registration ]
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