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Larissa A. Chuprina holds a Ph.D. in Education with concentrations in Adult Education, ESOL/Foreign Language Education, and International Management from The University of Tennessee and is originally from Ukraine. Dr. Chuprina also holds her Master’s Degree in Foreign Language Education with a concentration in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English Literature from Kharkiv State University, Ukraine. Her background includes foreign languages, international business, and Educational Psychology. She has consulted on cross-cultural adaptability for businesses and individuals.  Dr. Chuprina’s commitment to and experience with international aspects of education allows her to bring unique insights to Adult Education programs by complementing her teaching approaches with cultural sensitivity. Dr. Chuprina has a special interest in Self-Directed Learning and Cross-Cultural Adaptability and completed her doctoral dissertation in these areas (


Dr. Chuprina served as the Head of the Foreign Languages Department at the Institute for Continuing Higher Education for Managers, and has held faculty positions teaching English as a Foreign Language and Business English at Kharkiv University of Economics, Radio-Engineering Academy, and Kharkiv Medical University in Kharkiv, Ukraine. As a business owner, she was the Director of Chuprina & K Language School where she developed programs and curricula for managers. She has organized international internships and accompanied student groups to different countries.  In addition, she accompanied Russian Educators to Seattle and Philadelphia, serving as their official interpreter within the Productivity Enhancement Program sponsored by the US Government.


In 1996, Dr. Chuprina came to The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, as a Fulbright Scholar in the Management Department. In 1997, she entered the Doctoral Program in Adult Education.  While a student at the University of Tennessee, she tutored students with special learning needs in the subjects of Russian, World Systems, Sociology, and Psychology.  She has instructed classes in both the Management Department and the College of Education in the areas of International Business, International Management, and International Communication and Language in a Global Society. Dr. Chuprina has designed and delivered culture-general and culture-specific workshops, concentrating on the topics of culture sensitivity and diversity to equip participants from the business community with the necessary skills for better performance overseas in a new cultural context In 2000, she received the ACHE Dissertation Scholarship Award, and in 1998, she received the Joseph Goddard Scholarship Award in Continuing Education (ACHE) for promoting international education. 


Dr. Chuprina is actively engaged in ongoing research with the Self-Directed Learning research group from the University of Tennessee ( ) and has delivered numerous conference and symposium presentations which address international and cultural aspects of education and business.  Her published journal articles also provide a forum for her expertise. 


Dr. Chuprina has developed and implemented a training program for ESL volunteer tutors, a Cultural Orientation for new arrivals, and has introduced computer classes for refugees as the Program Coordinator at Bridge Refugee Services, Inc.  She also provided training and support to parents of refugee/immigrant children attending American schools. through the “Youth at Risk” program at Bridge in Knoxville, TN. Her experience with international aspects of education allows her to bring unique insights to Adult Education programs offered on-line by complementing her teaching approaches with cultural sensitivity and support in online environment.