Florida 40hr Life, Health & Variable Annuity Online Only by Jack Rotzien

Course Information
Course Title Florida 40hr Life, Health & Variable Annuity Online Only
Course Number INS003fl40
Course Description This Life, Health, and Variable Annuities Pre-licensing course is state approved and fulfills all of the state requirements. You will enjoy being able to study when you want, what you want, and for as long as you want. With this online course, you control your progress and we ensure you are exposed to all the information you will need to be successful not only on the state exam, but also as a new Life, Health and Variable Annuities agent.

This course is structured with the right content, delivered in small quantities, with learning assured through frequent fill-in-the-blank questions, elements of information emphasized, and instructor guided learning. Several tools are provided to make your learning straightforward and comprehensive. Students are required to pass 4 exams in order to receive their Certificates of Completion.

Technical and Instructor assistance is available to students via phone and email.

Location Completely Online
Available 24/7
Course Length 90 days (extensions available at providers discretion)

To review the 2-15 licensing requirements, please click here
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Course Goals
The Goal is to complete the required Pre-licensing with the minimum hassle, while preparing to pass the Florida 2-15 exam.
Course Outline




UNIT 1 - Principles of Life & Health Insurance    
Purpose of Life & Health Insurance 1 1hr

Composition of the Insurance Industry

2 1hr

Law and the Insurance Contract

3 1hr

UNIT 2 - Principles of Life Insurance


Life Insurance Policies

5 2.5hrs

Life Insurance Policy Provisions and Options/Riders

6 1hr

Life Insurance Beneficiaries

7 .75hrs

Life Insurance Premiums and Proceeds

8 1hr

Life Insurance Underwriting and Policy Issue

9 1hr

Group Life Insurance

10 .50hrs

Social Security

12 .75hrs

Retirement Plans

13 .75hrs

Uses of Life Insurance

14 .75hrs

Life Final Exam


UNIT 3 - Principles of Annuities


Annuities (Fixed Interest and Variable)

11 1.5hr

Variable Annuities

27 1hr
Florida Laws and Rules Pertinent to All Licensed Agents 28 1hr
Florida Laws and Rules Pertinent to Life Insurance 29 1hr
Ethics and the Insurance Producer 4 2hrs

Annuities Final Exam

UNIT 4 - Principles of Health Insurance    
Introduction to Health Insurance 15 .50hrs
Health Insurance Providers 16 1hr
Medical Expense Insurance 17 2hrs
Disability Income 18 1.5hrs
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance 19 .50hrs
Government Health Programs 20 1.5hrs
Private Insurance Plans for Seniors 21 1.5hrs
Health Insurance Policy Provisions 22 2hrs
Health Insurance Underwriting and Premiums 23 2hrs
Group Health Insurance 24 1.5hrs
Uses of Health Insurance 25 1hr
Health Maintenance Organizations 26 1hr
Rules & Regulations for Health Ins. and Health Agents 30 2hrs

Health Final Exam


Course Final Exam



  40 hours
Instructor Information
Name Jack Rotzien, CLU
Email jack2@oltraining.com
Office location 2669 Forest Hill Blvd Ste. 207, West Palm Beach, FL 33406
Office hours Call for an Appointment
Phone 561-283-0333 or toll free 866-357-0841
Biography Jack Rotzien, CLU has been directly involved in designing and delivering insurance training, pre-licensing courses, and continuing professional education courses in Florida for the over 25 years. He is a founding member of OnLine Training, Inc. His commitment to students and his strong desire to aid them in being successful has been a hallmark of all his instructional endeavors. He is the past founder and president of Insurance Systems of Florida which certified over 18,000 pre-licensing students before the school was sold in 1991. Jack entered the insurance business with John Hancock in 1975. He later became a unit manager and recruiter. During this period Jack started a Life and Health licensing school under the sponsorship of the Palm Beach Chapter of CLU, ChFC. JHe is a former officer and board member of the Palm Coast Association of Health Underwriters. He is the past President of the Palm Beach County Chapter of the Society of Financial Service Professionals.

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