Intermediate Health Savings Accounts & Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit by Jeff King

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Course Information
Course title: Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003: Featuring Health Savings Accounts and the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit - Intermediate Continuing Education
Course number: OLT # INSCE005     Course ID # 57234
Course description: 3-hour OnLine CE course designed to meet State Continuing Education requirements.

No classroom attendance required.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL. This course has been approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services and is designed to be completed at your own pace via the Internet. The course contains Five Modules/Chapters and two Exams. The program will allow you to re-take the exams only if you fail with a score of less than 70%. The grade scores from each Exam will be averaged to produce a total passing score of at least 70%. You must have a Final course average score of 70% to receive your Certificate of Completion. Your scores are automatically graded online. For Florida students, your scores will be automatically forwarded to the college in which you registered. The College will issue your Certificate of Completion. For out-of-state students, OnLine Training will issue your Certificate of Completion.

Chapter One gives an overview of the legislation. Chapter Two explores various aspects of Health Savings Accounts. Chapter Three discusses Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit. Chapter Four covers Medicare Advantage and the subject of Unauthorized Entities. And finally, Chapter Five summarizes Health Savings Accounts and the Medicare prescription drug benefits.
Location: Completely online. Florida registrations are available through the following Florida Community Colleges:

Broward, Central Florida, Edison, Gulf Coast, Indian River, Lake City, Manatee, Miami-Dade, Pensacola, Santa Fe, Seminole, Valencia
Meeting day(s): Online 7 days per week
Meeting time(s): Online 24 hours per day
Prerequisite(s): 2-15, 2-18, or 2-40 Licenses, or combinations of 2-33 with 2-15, 2-18, or 2-40
Course Goals
Course Goals: The Goal is to to increase Agents' knowledge of the new legislation and how to use that information to better serve their clients.
Course Outcomes
Course Outcomes: The student will successfully pass the online exams with a score of 70% or higher, thereby attaining his/her Certificate of Completion for 3 hours of CE requirements.
Course Outline
It is important to note that not all pages are standard 8x11 pages.

A page is the length required to express an idea or subtopic.

Therefore, some pages may consist of only a few sentences.
Syllabus/Course Outline Hours Module
Chapter One - Overview of the Legislation 5 min. A
Chapter Two - Health Savings Accounts 1 hr. 10 min. B
A. Overview   B/2
B. Background   B/3
C. Where can I get one?   B/4
D. Benefits   B/5
E. Tax Savings   B/6
F. Who is eligible?   B/7
G. High Deductible Health Plan   B/8
H. Contribution rules
          i. Employee contributions
          ii.Employer contributions
I. Distributions   B/12
J. Solutions for Consumers   B/13-B/15
K. Company examples   B/16
L. Problems   B/17
M. Review   B/18
EXAM 1 - for grade    
Chapter Three - Medicare Drug Benefit 30 min. C
A. Overview    
B. Discount Drug Card    
C. Comprehensive Prescription Drug Program
          i. Overview
          ii. How the plan works
          iii. How to enroll
          iv. Differences between the two programs
Chapter Four - Medicare Advantage 1 hr. D
A. Unauthorized Entities   D/5
Chapter Five - Summary 15 min. E
A. Review   E/4
EXAM 2 - for Grade    
Instructor Information
Name: Jeff King
Email: king@oltraining.com
Office location: P.O. Box 3303, Palm Beach, FL 33480
Office hours: Call for an Appointment
Phone: (321) 799-3022
Biography: Jeff King is a licensed insurance agent, as well as the President of King Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. in Cape Canaveral. He has been a licensed Life, Health and Property and Casualty insurance agent since 1989. In addition to his insurance career, Mr. King is an Adjunct Instructor at Brevard Community College. He teaches insurance licensing and continuing education classes there, as well as at Polk Community College.

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