Intermediate Elements of Health Insurance by Jack Rotzien, CLU

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Course Information
Course title: "The Elements of Health Insurance and Its Uses in Contemporary America"
Course number: OLT # INSCE002     DOI # 40322     Course Offering # 559987
Course description: 14-hour OnLine CE course designed to meet Florida Continuing Education requirements.

No classroom attendance required. The 14 hours of credit are earned online in the virtual classroom. The intermediate level Health course is acceptable for the 2-15 or the 2-40 license. This course is an overview of the health insurance industry and the elements of traditional health insurance. It has a special emphasis on Medicare Supplements and HMOs. It wraps up with two interesting group cases for the student to apply their knowledge in possible solutions.
Location: Completely online. Florida registrations are available through the following Florida Community Colleges:

Brevard, Broward, Central Florida, Chipola, Daytona Beach, Edison, Gulf Coast, Hillsborough, Indian River, Lake City, Manatee, Miami-Dade, Northwest Florida, Palm Beach, Pasco-Hernando, Pensacola, Santa Fe, Seminole, Tallahassee, Valencia
Meeting day(s): Online 7 days per week
Meeting time(s): Online 24 hours per day
Prerequisite(s): You must be a licensed Florida Insurance agent.
Course Goals
Course Goals: The Goal is to complete the required CE with the minimum hassle, while increasing your knowledge and understanding of Health Insurance in Florida.
Course Outline
It is important to note that not all pages are standard 8x11 pages.

A page is the length required to express an idea or subtopic.

Therefore, some pages may consist of only a few sentences.
Syllabus Hours Module
Overview of Health care and Insurance 0.50 hour A
Distribution Structure 0.75 hour B
Accidental death and Dismemberment 0.25 hour C
Private medical reimbursement Insurance 0.75 hour D
Disability Income Replacement 0.75 hour E
Section 1 Review - For Grade 3.00 hours A-E
Government Health Programs 1.00 hour F
Private senior Health Plans 1.25 hours G
Long Term Care Insurance 1.00 hour H
Health Maintenance Organizations 1.25 hours I
Section 2 Review - For Grade 4.50 hours F - I
Legal Concepts of the Insurance contract 1.00 hour J
Health Insurance Risk Selection 0.25 hour K
Elements of the Health Insurance Contract 0.75 hour L
Pricing the Health Insurance Contract 0.25 hour M
Group Health Insurance Plans 0.75 hour N
Business Uses of health Insurance 0.50 hour O
Business Insurance Cases 0.50 hour P
Section 3 Review - For Grade 4.00 hours J - P
Florida Insurance Law applied to Health Ins. 1.00 hour Q
Florida Insurance Code re: Health Insurance 1.00 hour R
Market Conduct / Code of Ethics 0.50 hour S
Section 4 Review - For Grade - Final Exam 2.50 hours Q - S
Hazards of the Patients Bill of Rights pdf file Non-Credit
Improving and Preserving Medicare
for Tomorrow's Seniors
pdf file Non-Credit
Instructor Information
Name: Jack Rotzien
Email: jack@oltraining.com
Office location: 2669 Forest Hill Blvd Ste. 207, WPB, FL 33406
Office hours: Call for an Appointment
Phone: 561-283-0333 or toll free 866-357-0841
Biography: Jack Rotzien, CLU, has been directly involved in designing and delivering insurance training, pre-licensing courses, and continuing professional education courses in Florida for the past 23 years. He is a founding member of OnLine Training, Inc. His commitment to students and his strong desire to aid them in being successful has been a hallmark of all his instructional endeavors.

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